SQC is controlled by a Board of Directors responsible for the direction, overall management and administration of the company.

At present the Board of Directors are:

SQC Board April 2024


John Hutcheson, Chair (Independent)

John Hutcheson Hands on Arable Farmer producing extensively in East Central Scotland. Vice Chair of Scottish Agricultural Organisation Society (SAOS), Chairman of OatCo and Director of Tayforth machinery Ring


Mark McCallum, Vice Chair (National Farmers Union Scotland)

Non-Executive Director with Tayforth Machinery Ring/ AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds/ SRUC.


Professor Fiona Burnett, Technical Director (Scottish Rural College (SRUC)

Professor at SRUC (Scottish Rural College) Specialist in Applied Crop Pathology specialising in pest and disease management.


Teresa Dougall, Managing Director (Independent)

30 years' experience of working within the agricultural and farming business sector.


Dr Julian South, Director (Maltsters Association of Great Britain)

Executive Director of Maltsters Association of Great Britain, specialist in product standards.


Dr Peter Nelson, Director (Scotch Whisky Association)

Technical Director Glenmorangie, specialist in Whisky Distilling and the distilling infrastructure.


David Bell, Director (National Farmers Union of Scotland)

Hands on farmer


Duncan Downie, Director (Agricultural Industries Confederation)

Arable Agronomist/Farm Advisor with East of Scotland Farmers’ Cooperative working closely with Agricultural Industries Confederation 


Colin Young, Director (Agricultural Industries Confederation)

Specialist in Cereals and Oilseeds based in North East Scotland working closely with Agricultural Industries Confederation.


Daniel Leeson, Director (UK Flour Millers)

Wheat Trader with ADM Milling (UK) Ltd


Murray Forsyth, Director (Scottish Agricultural Organisation Society)


From the Board of Directors, the following make up the Management Executive - John Hutcheson (Chair), Mark McCallum (Vice Chair), Fiona Burnett (Technical Director) and Teresa Dougall (Managing Director).