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Scottish Quality Crops maintains farm and quality assurance standards for growers throughout Scotland.

Welcome to the Scottish Quality Crops website

Scotland has taken the lead in the development of farm and quality assurance schemes. With several mechanisms now in place Scottish Quality Crops work closely with the farmer to firmly place Scotland's combinable crops at the premium end of the UK and European markets.

Through farm assurance, Scottish combinable crop growers - in association with their trade partners - are responding positively to increasing consumer awareness about modern food production.

With the Food Safety Act 1990 placing an onus on every sector of the food chain, from production through to consumption, SQC has adopted a whole industry approach representing all sectors of the combinable crop growing, wholesaling and processing industries.


22/04/21 All farm assessments are now being carried out physically.

SQC assessors have been granted Key Worker status and will be carrying out all assessments physically with suitable precautions taken and risk assessments carried out prior to all assessments



Corona Virus Update 24th December 2020

Due to the latest government guidance, all SQC assessments will be carried out remotely from 6pm on the 24Th December until further notice. Updates will be given as the situation evolves. 

All scheduled assessments should still take place, and SQC in conjunctions with Lloyd’s Register have a remote auditing model which allows for this to continue during this current time.  If you have any queries regarding your upcoming assessment please contact the SQC office for further information.


Temporary Storage – any storage beyond the 31st October

Any grower who may be utilising temporary storage, it is imperative that the grower ensures this is protected from birds and rodents.


NSTS website


The SQC scheme for 2021 harvest year will be issued on the 1st November 2020


Due to a very challenging year with the impact that COVID 19 has had across the sector, as well as delayed harvest, SQC will be issuing their 2021 scheme on the 1st November this year.  All updated standards will be published on the website in line with these dates, if you would like any further details on this please contact the SQC office.   


Farm Assessments

Farm Assessments are currently being undertaken remotely due to Coronavirus risks to growers and assessors, if your Farm Assessment remains outstanding please contact the SQC Certification Body Lloyds R to book your assessment ASAP.

You are unable to undertake a remote assessment also please contact Lloyds R.



Paper Passports will be supplied as normal following a satisfactory Farm Assurance Audit.


SQC/NSTS Sprayer Test Derogation

SQC has agreed a Sprayer Test Derogation with NSTS. This Derogation will run until 1st March 2021 which will cover all sprayer due for a test during 2020. A Self-Assessment check and log must be maintained and sprayers must be kept in good working order.


Sprayer Operator Course

Several Potential Attendees who have not yet undertaken this course will be supplied the SQC/NRoSO handbook along with a Questionnaire. This questionnaire must be completed utilising the workbook and the questionnaire must be returned to Ringlink. On satisfactory completion a certificate will be issued.


Moisture Meter Calibration

Moisture meters must be calibrated as per SQC Standards. This can be undertaken by,

  • Receiving a know moisture sample from your merchant or agent
  • Sending Moisture Meter to a Moisture meter clinic
  • Sending Moisture Meter to the manufacturer for calibration


Dispensation for Standards 2.17 & 2.20

Extract from the SQC Manual


All pesticide application equipment, including slug pellet and granular applicators, must be tested under the National Sprayer Testing Scheme (NSTS) so that a valid MOT is in place at the time of spray applications.



Standards 2.16, 2.17 & 2.18 also apply to Sprayer Contractors.


Recognising the restrictions placed on the ability to complete (NSTS) MOT in the current Covid 19 Pandemic, from 1st March 2020 dispensation granted for the testing of all sprayers until 1st March 2021, ensuring that Standard 2.18 (outlined below) for all sprayers, not just those which are exempt.  The date of 1st March 2021 is to allow for MOT tests to be carried out in a timely fashion post social distancing restrictions being lifted and is an end date not a target date.  Members should carry out MOT testing on sprayers as soon as they are able.   


2.18 Where the grower is not undertaking annual NSTS MOT testing, the SQC Sprayer Self-Assessment form must be completed.



Where the dispensation is applied members will be issued with a Non-Compliance against standard 2.17 or 2.20 as applicable, which will be closed out at certification during the period of dispensation. This will be explained to the member during the assessment and that testing will need to be completed by 1st March 2021.  Post 1st March 2021, spot checks against the members where a non-compliance was raised will be conducted by LR assessors to ensure compliance has been met.  Spot-checks may be conducted remotely to minimise disruption to the member.


LR assessors will be advised of this dispensation, and the above requirement and actions to ensure robust compliance to the standards. 

Coronavirus Questions and Answers

  • Q: I have not yet had my annual SQC farm audit, how can I gain my certification to sell my grain?

          A: SQC has worked closely with Lloyds, our certification body and Lloyds have successfully developed a remote “virtual interactive audit” this is being launched next                    week, your appointed assessor will be in contact, grower cooperation will be required.


  • Q: I am due to attend an SQC Sprayer Operator course, what will happen?

          A: SQC are working with Ringlink our training contractor, the objective will be to run virtual interactive video courses


  • Q: I am not too keen on Paper Passports as I want to avoid driver contact, can SQC come up with an alternative?

           A: SQC has proposed alternatives to the cereal industry, however the cereal industry remain determined (at this point) to retain the paper passport.


  • Q: I have run out of current passports how can get more?

           A: Additional paper passports will not be supplied for current crop, contact you normal contact at Lloyds, they will e mail you a passport on request and you can copy this on farm as required.


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