Scottish Crop Supply Chain Hub Terms of Reference

Role and responsibilities

Role of the group:

  • Provide a mechanism to facilitate specialist constructive feedback in relation to the current standards across the cereals supply chain
  • Identify industry issues and challenges, recommend any new topics that should be considered for standard review e.g. legislation, the economic environment and new initiatives
  • Discuss standard compliance and identify ways of increasing member engagement through communications or technical solutions
  • Identify potential industry opportunities which may provide additional market access / economic benefit to the grower'
  • Proactively support Scottish Quality Crops (SQC) acting as an interface between SQC and other supply chain stakeholders
  • Commission supply chain insight and SQC / grower led research projects


  • Represent the arable farming, food safety, supply chain and retail sectors ensuring cereal sector recommendations and discussions are for the benefit of the wider industry
  • Provide a consultative role to support FIA and SQC as part of the SQC standards review process
  • Members of the group to liaise with relevant industry groups to encourage two-way feedback and recommendations to the benefit of the SQC Standards
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times.

Method of working

Frequency of meetings

  • Meet twice annually as a minimum.
  • Meetings will be in person unless otherwise stated.
  • Quorum of 8 required to allow meetings to proceed

Industry contacts with Hub members

  • Group members will be responsible for facilitating contact with all defined groups within the sector and across the supply chain
  • Members representing specific industry sectors will be required to provide unbiased feedback from their relevant sector to the Hub
  • Group members to encourage feedback from wider stakeholders and represent their views via proactive communication with the Hub


Meeting Chair

  • Meetings will be chaired by FIA General Manager or FIA Client Relationship Manager

Minutes and Actions

  • This will be facilitated by Food Integrity Assurance representation


  • The date of the meeting will be circulated six weeks before the proposed date as an outlook invitation and will be accompanied with a draft agenda and a request for items to be included
  • A response seeking agreement to the date of the meeting and any additional items for inclusion in the agenda will be requested within two weeks of circulating the date
  • The final agenda will be circulated two weeks before the meeting date
Production and circulation of minutes
  • Meeting minutes will be circulated for approval to Hub Members within 2 weeks of the meeting

Representation at SQC standard setting meetings

  • The Hub will be represented by Food Integrity Assurance Technical Manager (or appointed deputy) and SQC Managing Director to facilitate two-way feedback. FIA will collate all Hub feedback for relevant inclusion at SQC standard setting meetings


      • Initial membership will be for a 2-year period with the possibility of a second 2-year term if approved by the Hub
      • The Hub may suggest expert invitees to attend any meeting - dependent on agenda and discussion requirements

Meeting attendance

  • If a member is unable to attend a meeting a suitable substitute may be suggested to the Chair to ensure industry input and participation is maintained
  • Members failing to attend two consecutive meetings may be replaced based on the criteria outlined in membership.

Scottish Crop Supply Chain Hub Membership



Scottish Quality Crops

Andrew Moir (SQC Chair)

Scottish Quality Crops

Teresa Dougall (SQC Managing Director)

Food Integrity Assurance

Stephen Sanderson (FIA General Manager)

Food Integrity Assurance

Jane Johnson (FIA Quality Manager)

Scottish Organisation Agricultural Society - Cereal sector

Hamish Walls

Scottish Organisation Agricultural Society - Scotland Food & Drink

Amanda Brown

James Hutton Institute - Cereal Research Sector

George Lawrie (chairs the Barley Hub at JHI)

Scottish Agronomy - Cereal Research Sector

Adam Christie (Managing Director)

Highland Grain Ltd - Grain Marketing Coops

Garry Catto (Chief Executive)

Pepsico - Cupar mill Quaker Oats - Retail / Processor

Nicky Bond

Scotch Whisky Association - Retail / Processor

Caroline De Rouffignac (Policy lead supply chain resilience)

Food Standards Scotland

Ian McWatt (FSS Deputy Chief Executive)