SQC Working Groups

SQC Working Groups

Two working groups are responsible for developing and monitoring technical and marketing aspects of the company's operation.

A Production Group (Technical Advisory Committee) supervises the farm assessment procedures, farmer recruitment and maintaining and updating farm standards.

At present the Production Group Technical Advisory Committee are:

Mr A Lamont, Chairman (Agricultural Industries Confederation)
Dr Fiona Burnett, Vice Charman (SRUC)
Mr E Anderson (Scottish Agronomy)
Mr D Colville (NFUS)
Mr G Dick (HGCA)
Mr A Glover (NFUS)
Mr J Hutcheson (SAOS)
Mr P MacDonald (NFUS)
Mr B Carnegie (Independant Spray Operator)
Dr Julian South (Malsters Association of Great Britain)
Mr D Veitch (British Oat & Barley Millers Association)


The SQC Executive Team are:

Mr Andrew Moir, Chairman
Mr John Hutchison, Vice Chairman
Mr Alistair Ewan, Executive Director
Mr Archi Lamont, TAC Chairman
Dr Fiona Burnett, TAC Vice Chairman